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The well-being of all birds -- especially parrots -- is Bird Endowment's passion.

Our daily labor, however, is breaking the extinction vortex into which the Blue-throated Macaw has been thrust.

In the wild, we support those in situ Blue-throated Macaw conservation projects that are planned and executed with stakeholder consensus.

In captivity, our facility,
The Blues Conservatory ™
empowers Blue-throated Macaw parents to fledge and wean their offspring in the safety of a protected captive envirnoment.

Our Saving the Blues ™ breeding program for parent-rearing preserves the integrity of the species cultural identity and provides future breeding birds with the best potential for hatching and parent-rearing their own offspring.

The Blues Conservatory's™ work well may be the greatest hope for long-term ex situ perpetuation of the BTM and the preservation of its species culture.

Our Saving the Blues™ program ensures the survival of a bird in captivity that is most like those now so seriously threatened with extinction in their Bolivia habitat.

If Saving the Blues™ is important to you, there's a place for you in the nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Bird Endowment program. Your support will make an important and vital difference.

Blue as blues can be

Like The Blues Brothers on their "Mission from God", we have a primary "mission" -- the Blue-throated Macaw. But, for the love of music we also are passionate about The Blues.

That's why we decided that one mission -- Saving the Blues -- can serve two causes. That's why we support The Blues Foundation.

At Bird Endowment, most of the blue birds have blues names. They're named after icons of the blues music genre like:

Elwood Blues

Buster and All The Brothers

B.B. King

Buddy Guy

Eric Clapton

T-Bone Walker

Etta James

Sippie Wallace

Bonnie Raitt

Katie Webster

Ruth Brown

Koko Taylor

Janis Joplin

Albert King

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Irma Thomas

Lou Ann Barton

Elmore James

Aretha Franklin

Albert Collins

Francine Reed

Junior Wells

Keb' Mo'

Freddie King

Memphis Minnie

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Nido Adoptivo™ has begun the funding phase of another new breeding season in anticipation of building upon eight consecutive years
of success in Bolivia.

In hopes of surpassing previous levels,
we welcome back our faithful supporters and
call out to new participants to join us in the
2015-16 Nido Adoptivo™ Saving the Blues™ efforts in the Blue-throated Macaw's home range.

The most recent season for confirmed results is 2013-2014 with the Southern Zone posting another successful year. Seven chicks fledged and did not need -- in any instance -- supplemental feedings by our team. We believe that the parents are able to raise three chicks regardless of their hatch dates.

For the first time, a breeding pair was noted with
leg bands, meaning they had been hatched some years earlier in the program. A total of
46 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have been produced in our Nido Adoptivo™ nest boxes
during the previous seven breeding seasons.

As a consequence of the program's ongoing successes, we continue to see the population increase in the Southern Zone, with flocks of
Blue-throated Macaws now traveling between
five local private ranches. This was unheard
of in the area five years ago.

Bird Endowment's Nido Adoptivo™ program
started with a successful 2007 introduction.
For the 08-09 season it was expanded into
a range on the then new Barba Azul Nature Reserve while still maintaining the existing program from the previous season.

Acquisition of Barba Azul Nature Reserve has
vastly improved the potential for conservation
of the estimated <>300-bird BTM population.

This only protected area for critically endangered wild Blue-throated Macaws began with an 11,555 acre ranch in the then newly discovered
range in Bolivia. The preserve (here) was acquired by Asociación Armonía and others. This
included the survey area that
greatly increased the known occurances
of the wild Blue-throated Macaw.

In 2014, another 14,827 acres of Beni savanna and palm forest island habitat has been acquired,
more than doubling the size of
Barba Azul Nature Reserve to 27,180 acres.